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Redway Acres Book 5 - Amelia

Is available for Pre-order

Release Date - Friday, December 7th, 2018

(News date: October 14th, 2018)


Set in early 1800s, England...


Amelia is the youngest daughter in the Hopwood family, who live near the village of Wenster in Cambridgeshire. She is doted upon by her father, who encourages her love of books and discourse. After his untimely death, she is invited to live with Dowager Janine Alcott at Bernier, which is home to injured soldiers, and abused or destitute women.


Amelia aides the dowager in helping the women regain their self-respect, and continues her education by learning all she can from Oliver Grosvenor, the doctor who tends to the needs of the occupants of Bernier, which is near Redway Acres in Lincolnshire.


In a time when a woman was not considered to be as intelligent as a man, Amelia proves herself worthy time and again. Her passion becomes the work she does, while those all around her, with the exception of one man, cannot understand her determination not to have a family of her own.


While she works her way through the twists and turns of her grief, can she make room in her heart and find love, without losing the power to choose her own destiny?


Read the Prologue on Goodreads here.



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Redway Acres Book 1 - Helena

THREE years old today! Price reduction to $2.99

Release Date - February 23rd, 2016

(News date: February 23rd, 2019)


It's hard to believe that my first book, that I published when I was 50 years old, is three years old today. Since then, I have met some wonderful people and learned a lot about writing and marketing. I've also twiddled with the book's blurb, which is below and will be reflected in the product soon.


Thank you to all who have joined and supported me on the journey so far and welcome to all those who are just discovering the joys, heartbreak and love of Redway Acres and its characters.


The saga of Redway Acres begins in early 1800s England with Helena’s story.

Mrs. Helena Andrews, the pregnant widow of Captain Andrews of the Royal Army, leaves behind all she knows and travels to live with her grandfather, Redway Acres stable owner, George Stockton. There she will give birth to her daughter.

Helena befriends an old widower in a ramshackle cottage, as well as the family from the grand estate of Eastease, and their friend Nathaniel Ackley, a colonel and second son of the Earl of Aysthill.

As Redway Acres becomes the focus of her ambition, Helena finds herself thrust into a man’s world where her opinions count for little. She loves working with horses and raising her daughter, and will stand up for those in need, but will she give up everything, including herself, should she find a man worthy enough?

Her story is one of horses, a strength of will, music, friendship, love and loyalty.



Read a preview on Amazon here.

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